There are three (3) distinct phases for the services we provide:

1. Design:
We provide comprehensive design services that include not only plans & elevations, but all critical details to building projects. Successful designs & owner/contractor relationships are both enhanced by maximizing the information both for budgeting projects and execute all phases of construction down to the last detail.


  1. Site Plan
  2. Floor Plans & Exterior Elevations & Roof Plan
  3. Dimensioned Foundation Layout and Details
  4. Critical Framing Plans & Details
  5. Building Section Dimensions & Details
  6. Electrical Plan & Lighting Design
  7. Design All Critical Interior Details Including but not limited to:
  1. Interior Wall Elevations of Critical Design Elements
  2. Stairway Design Elements, Layout and Construction Details
  3. Cabinet Plans, Elevations & Critical Details
  4. Fireplace Designs & Critical Fabrication Details
  5. Interior Trim Specifications & Details
  6. Interior Door Design & Details
  7. Floor Patterns, Layouts & Details
  8. Tile Patterns, Layouts & Details
  9. Design All Critical Exterior Details and Elements Including but not limited to:

a) Brackets, Timbers or other Elements attached to the Building
b) Exterior Porches, Walls or Other “Hardscape” Elements
  1. Pathways
  2. Designated Landscape Beds
  3. Driveways and Parking Pads
  4. Location of Equipment and/or Utility Meters
  5. Swimming Pool and/or other Water Features
  6. Utility Buildings (Not attached to Main Building)

2. Construction Oversight:
For clients who decide to hire an independent contractor, they can hire us to assist in the construction process. We can be there to answer questions, but also to schedule periodic site visits, to be sure that critical design details are executed as originally designed. This establishes a level of accountability and quality control.

  1. Pre-Construction Meetings with subcontractors to clarify information
  2. Providing Additional Requested Information or Details
  3. Scheduling Periodic Site Visits to Review Various Phases of Construction
  4. Site Visits made at the request of either Homeowner, Builder or Subcontractor
  5. Site Visits to Review any Potential Changes or Revisions

3. Project Management:
Most clients will benefit from having us work in a Design/Build capacity. By choosing our ”Project Management” option, we can carry their project from comprehensive design thru all phases of construction, to a completed custom home.

  1. Do complete bidding of project for establishing the budget.
  2. Work with client to establish an acceptable budget.
  3. Work with client to establish credit accounts vital to the project.
  4. Apply for Permits
  5. Schedule and supervise all subcontractors for all phases of construction.
  6. Order Supplies, Products & Services
  7. Order appropriate inspections.
  8. Schedule Connection of Utilities & other Services.
  9. Obtain Final Inspection or “Certificate of Occupancy”